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Life in Mežaparks or Kaiserwald (Royal Garden)

GARDEN APARTMENTS: Visbijas 45, Rīga, Mežaparks, LV-1014

The inspiration came from the thought that the beautiful place for our homes could integrate the urban life with its comfort and advantages and the cosy loveliness of countryside.

The former name of Mežaparks from the 17th century was Kaiserwald (Royal Garden). Along with the development of the great forest park in Rīga, it gained the name Mežaparks (forest park). The residents of Riga started to think about their own recreation and entertainment park in the end of the 19th century, when Romanticism ruled the world. Gustav Adolf Agthe, the Chief Engineer of Rīga, and Georg Kuphaldt, the Director of the Rīga City Gardens and Parks, of that time proposed to turn the adjacent territory of Lake Ķīšezers into the recreational park and small village of mansions for residents of Rīga. The village of mansions was designed following the current trend of the era for city image - “city as a garden”. Initial buildings were Art Nouveau, which were followed by functionalism and Soviet Classicism or Stalin’s Baroque that affected also the territory of the park itself. Each coming era took by surprise with new trends and values.

Mežaparks offers great opportunities for spending quality time with family, friends or colleagues: in a forest or at a lakeside, by listening to songs of birds and observing nature, riding a bike, rollerblades, sleigh, skateboard or skis. Mežaparks is loved by cyclists, because there are marked bikeways in its Western part that run all the way to the woods. Infinite number of unmarked trails in the woods is for those who like the wild side of nature, and are not afraid to get lost. But paved paths of Mežaparks welcome those, who like to cycle in style or contest with other cyclists or rollerbladers. Paths are lighted, when it gets dark and cleaned from snow in the winter. Meteorite shower, which is the nature’s gala show in nights of warm August and crispy February, is best watched in some place without artificial lighting, and such place could be the large meadow of Mežaparks. It is situated in the middle of a cosy pine forest. Children are always attracted by playgrounds that include swings, ladders, and slides – they are never ignored by any child, whether big or small. There is such a place in Mežaparks, as well, - a playground that offers various exciting activities for small and not so small children. Grown teenage brothers and sisters can enjoy one of the attractions offered by Mežaparks – Wild Cat Trail (Meža kaķa trase), which is equipped with hurdles that are fixed to the forest trees and are located rather high above the ground.

Residents of Mežaparks are favoured with the presence of animals, since there is the Rīga Zoo located in the territory of Mežaparks. Time is not important in this place; and everybody – big or small – is blown away from the daily routine by the diversity of the nature.

One part of the territory of Mežaparks is enveloped by the large scenic lake – Ķīšezers, which has bathing place with amenities, the water quality of which is checked on regular basis. There is also a beach and a small pier for boats, yachts and water motorcycles.


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